Lennox LRP14AC Packaged Air Conditioner

Lennox LRP14AC Packaged Air Conditioner.

Ideal for Warm Regions

If you live in a warmer climate, choose the all-electric LRP14AC packaged air conditioner. It provides all the cooling you need in one compact system.

Highly Efficient and Dependable

Even the harshest heat is no match for the LRP14AC. It keeps your home comfortable and efficient with a dependable scroll compressor, the unit’s cooling engine.

Your Unit Is Protected

A condenser works with the scroll compressor to cool and dehumidify air passing through the system. A steel louvered guard protects the condenser coil from weather and helps keep it working efficiently.

Perfectly Quiet Components

A high-quality blower motor works quietly to distribute cool air throughout your home. An internally mounted fan also helps keep operating sounds at a minimum.